On this page you can find a quick glance of what we do and an indication of costs involved. Most multi-disciplinary projects are not hourly-based. Please contact us for a full quote.

What license works for you?

A small budget does not mean you can not use beautiful artwork for your products and business. We work together with both big fish and small local businesses with smaller budgets. If you would like to use our designs for your business you can license our prints non-exclusively or you can license them with a full exclusive license if print design is a priority for your product. If you would like to know more about custom work please fill out the contact form.

Every season we send out a mailing with new exclusive designs. If you'd like to be part of our mailing sign up and send us an email. If you wish to use one of our designs for your company or products you can find some general prices on this page. If you'd like to know more about our licensing structure and rates just send us a quick message via our contact page. The prices on this page are an indication. For a specified quote please contact us directly.

Exclusive Rates per design

Buy Out 

Exclusive commercial license - Primary

Exclusive commercial license - Secondary

Exclusive design collection fee


Non - Exclusive Rates per design

Non - Exclusive commercial license - Primary

Non - Exclusive commercial license - Secondary 

Non - Exclusive design collection fee 


Hourly Rates


Adjustments in color & composition

Graphic Design

Research & Development

Preparing artwork & guidance for production



Project price indication

Trend research

Identity Development

Logo & Branding design

Visual language research


€ 720

€ 387

€ 268

€ 142 



€ 268

€ 89

€ 96 



€ 45

€ 72

€ 72

€ 94

€ 72

€ 72



€ 1800

€ 1684

€ 2472

€ 1487

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