Abstract & Inky Print Designs - Hemmers Itex

We've been making prints for several companies world wide but this collection for Hemmers Itex we are particularly proud of! Hemmers Itex is a fabric company based in Germany. They have a wide range of colorful printed fabrics and for little ones they developed the Little Darling range.


For Little Darling we created a collection of safari baby animals and origami animals in the past. The new Inky Texture collection was a little different than usual. More use of soft pastels with contrasting black and a lot more abstract then Little Darling fabric designs had been until then. The base of these designs was Indian ink. This collection is more edgy and minimal than Hemmers Itex was used to. They took the leap and look at the amazing result! We are very proud to say this is our most popular collection so far.

Woman's Accessories & Home Wear - Veritas

Veritas is a fashion accessories and sewing supply store based in Belgium. With over 140 locations throughout the country you can imagine this brand knows how to make their mark when it comes to on trend fashion. Veritas knows how to make design a priority.


They stay ahead of the trend and with their strong trend setting collections they build a trustworthy relationship with their customers.  Creating an entire collection of woman's accessories, home wear and a collection of sewing supplies was a dream come true. We created a wide range of prints inspired by raw nature during winter transforming into spring, with poppy flowers, leaves and flower buds. And we are very proud to share the result with you. Click here if you'd like us to help you with a fresh batch of designs too.

Kids Bedding & Home Textiles - Kalamati

We get super excited when we can make abstracts and monochromes. Kalamati is one of our Polish customers who is not afraid to think out of the box and together we combined what we are best at. The result: Beautiful kids textiles for the home. 


Every season we create new minimal designs for Kalamati. So far we created a mix of monochromes and pastels that pop. Quirky illustrations with cars, feathers and balloons, abstracts and geometric shapes turned into strong pattern designs. Their large scales and specific use of soft color tones we created a signature collection recognizable to this brand. These print designs turn baby nurseries into a serene place and toddles bedrooms in fantasy filled rooms. Need designs for your home textile brand? Click here.

Signature & Trend research - Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio is an established cloth nappie company based in the UK, selling their baby products all over the world for the past 20 years. With their rapid growth, the company was in desperate need of a strong visual language, consistent and recognizable for their customers.


We met up and talked about the importance of print designs, about creating a strong language unique to the brand. We create a steady signature for print designs including guidelines for using colors, shapes and composition. We also completed an in depth trend study for selling products globally. The new Rainforest Wanderlust collection is the first batch of their signature collection. Joyful, full of color and gender neutral. And very Bambino Mio. Need some guidance for your company? Send us a quick email.

Winter Festival Illustrations - Theater Rotterdam

Some of you might know, Maaike used to be a graphic designer for Theater Rotterdam 14 years ago. Creating the monthly catalogue, flyers and posters and festival branding. She still has some strong ties to the theater world working as a volunteer for kids.


Graphic design is what makes our heart tick. Incorporating typography, color and image. Creating a unique piece, printed on paper. Oh yes! We love the smell of fresh press! This winter the studio created a batch of illustrations for one of their kids theater productions. They were used on flyers and posters. If you would like to have cool graphics for your visual communication we are happy to talk logo's flyers, posters.  Please reach out and we'll talk further, just send us a quick message

Logo Design & Branding - Ashni Music

We love making logo designs and help new businesses with their branding. For Ashni Music, a singer & dancer from The Netherlands, we created this new logo. Representing all of her femininity & her club life. We love telling stories for brands!


Ashni is an upcoming Dutch artist and has been climbing the charts with her club music. After a long career in dancing she's now following her musical heart. Here single "Wanna be close" has even reach the #1 position. Her logo represent her feminine image. With round lip shapes and a sharp contrasting triangle respresenting those club laser beams. Every logo we make has a story. And even in this logo we have hidden Ashni's trademark. Can you guess what it is?  ɥǝɹ ɹonup qnɯ 

Branding Consultation & Surface Design - Milovia

 We started working for Milovia when they were just a small cloth nappy start up mainly focussing on the Polish market. After creating several print designs for their nappies the business took off and soon they were selling their products in the US and Canada too.


The brand started out under a typical Polish name: Male Me. But they realized their name needed to grow with their business. It should be more international. We guided the process towards this rebranding and loved the new name: Milovia. We still create new prints every now and then and for their new spring 2018 collection we created this Banana Monkey design. if you want to license one of our prints or need more info about rebranding? Please reach out and send us a message.

Monochrome Fashion Designs - Karla Cola Fashion

Karla Cola is a fashion designer based in Australia. Her shop carries two contrasting styles: minimal abstracts, inspired by Scandinavian designs and bright multi-colored print designs with a tropical jungle touch.


For her spring collection she licensed two designs that are a little different from here usual bright colorful themes. Introducing contrasting basic black and whites. We created two monochrome pattern designs made with raw dry brush strokes. The dry brush creates rough edges and add character to the abstract surface pattern. These hand drawn and raw shapes are the base of this new collection of dresses and accessories and we are very proud to share the Check Yourself & Savanna designs for this fun collab. Want to license one of our designs for your fashion brand? Click here.