Our creative studio was founded back in 2011 and we've been rapidly growing ever since. After 5 years of flying solo we moved into a new office and since 2017 we work with a small team of multi disciplinary creatives to offer a complete design package.

Who we work with Do you run a business and do your products carry print designs? Are you looking for fun print designs or an over all steady visual language? You want your products to pop and be one of a kind?


A steady visual language is necessary to build a strong customer relationship with your buyers. Whether you are just starting out and want to license a design or you already have an established brand and need guidance in this. Are you ready to make design a priority? Click here if you're ready to take this to the next level.


What we do We mainly focus on creating custom print designs and on licensing artwork.  We have a non-exclusive library with over 10.000 print designs to choose from. We'll help you clarify what your business signature is and how to translate and reflect this into your product line, print designs, business strategy and marketing. 


From corporate branding, trend implimentation, to illustrations and print designs. We'll get you covered. Are you ready to be a leader instead of following the pack? Reach out if you'd like to know what we can do for you. Click here.


What we believe Creating is what we do best, caring is what we find most important. When Maaike was a child she'd use her imagination to hide from the mess she grew up in. No child should ever feel unsafe in their own home and that's why supporting causes for children’s safety is important to her. She’s a spokes person for little ones that cannot translate their thoughts and feelings into words just yet. 1 % of our yearly profit is invested into initiatives that change the course for young children who grow up in an unsafe environment. You also make this change possible by supporting our business.


Little Smilemakers Studio was founded by Maaike Boot, and back in 2011 it was just a solo gig. Creating designs, illustrations and licensing artwork business to business.



How it all started
 Creating colorful things started at a young age for me. When I was a little girl I began each day with a drawing just before heading off to school. I would draw every day things, objects and people. My parents supported my creative skills with a new pack of pencils each week and at age 8 I transferred to a more creative Montessori school. Where I could express my creativity in art and music classes.

After graduating from Graphic Lyceum I got into the prestigious Royal Art Academy in The Hague. Now, a decade later and years of experience in the design industry I now run my own Little Smilemakers Studio. Working on commissions for clients all over the globe.