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For hemmer Itex Germany we have made an exclusive collection of designs the past year. Our Inky Texture series with clouds, balloons and feathers has been released this winter as well as our Baby Animals series of designs. This summer even more designs are being released. We are very excited to see how these new designs will take off. If you run a fabric shop and would like to sell original Little Smilemakers Designs you can order your stash at hemmers Itex or any of our other fabric partners listed in the WHERE section on this website.


Make sure you purchase from our selected distributors. Companies not listed on this website might not be legit license holders. Not sure? Send us a message and we'll get back to you.


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We have been working for Spoonflower for over 4 years now and we expanded our online fabric on demand shop to almost 3000 designs. This is the place that offers the majority of our designs on fabric. Each month we upload new designs and color schemes and as our fabric shop grows so does Spoonflower. 


But over the course of 4 years a lot more has happened. Spoonflower started producing in Germany now and they have improved their quality over time. The fabrics, the prints, the colors. We are very excited to see how Spoonflower has matured with us. Producing fabric is a delicate business and we appreciate the great effort put into their services. We are very happy to get the opportunity to sell our designs on demand through such a wonderful company. 

Summer collection

When we started out creating surface pattern designs we never imagined so many companies wanted to use our designs for their products. Even though we have been licensing designs for over 5 years now, seeing the our creations turned into the most beautiful products still makes us very happy.


We have been working for Kalamati for a few years now and as our business grows so does this small kids interior shop. Kalamati focuses on soft high quality home textiles for your little ones. Their Scandinavian inspired products are clean and fun. We have created some exclusive designs for their new range of bedding and home accessories. So stay tuned and follow our social media posts where new products and designs are being launched.


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