How it all started

Creating colorful things started at a young age. When Maaike was a little girl she began each day with a little drawing just before going to school. Every day things would be the subject of the image. Her parents supported her creative skills with a new pack of pencils each week and at 8 she was attending a Montessori school where she could express her creativity in art and music classes.
After graduating from Graphic Lyceum she got into the prestigious Royal Art Academy in The Hague. Now almost a decade later and years of experience in the design industry she now runs here own Little Smilemakers Studio. Working on commission for clients all over the globe.
According to Maaike inspiration can be be just around the corner, from hotdog stands, a stormy sky, traveling and experiencing new cultures, but also the little things she might have enjoyed as a little girl growing up, all these small things are translated into colorful designs. If you look at her work you might see the joy and simplicity only but all these designs carry another story as well.
Little Smilemakers Studio
The studio was founded in fall 2011. From her studio in The Hague she works with clients from all over the world that are looking for a strong visual language for their business and their products creating print designs and illustrations, branding solutions and brings clarity and guidance within product development as strategic design consultant.
Designs by Maaike Boot can be found all over the world. Her fun and colorful designs are sold in small boutiques and large retail stores like Urban Outfitters and Target but also published in home decor magazines and news papers world wide.


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